AUG 25 TO SEPT 1, 2017

 A message from your Creative by Nature Art Facilitator; Lisa Lipsett

I am on board to support you to meet your art goals for this sailing adventure through varied solo and small group facilitated encounters. I’d like to give you an idea of how our art week might look, though like the wind, this schedule can change to meet your needs in the moment.

Day 1: Brief introduction to the Creative by Nature Art Method and a big art injection of 2 hours in the afternoon or evening to give you a solid inspiring start. This will be followed by group sharing.   
Day 2-5: 1.5 hours in the afternoon or evening, alternating between on board and on land which ever works for our location and mood.
Day 6: Art solo- on land or on board for 2 to 3 hrs, afternoon or evening    This last session will be a creative solo that ties all the art experiences together. This is a chance to test your wings and return to the nest afterwards to share.
Day 7: On our last day you will draw and paint your vision for carrying your practice forward. We will share, celebrate how far we have come and be given resources for staying connected and creative. 

During our sailing adventure, there can be smaller group and 1:1 facilitation if you are not up top actively sailing during our longer sailing transits.  There will also be group experiences, some partner work, and if you have your own practice and want to fly away on your path while a facilitated experience is happening, that is just fine too. I will be there as a resource and sounding board through out! I can’t wait to create with you!  
Our painting media will be Watercolour - supplies are included.  
Other details about this contemplative art by nature experience:
The Creative By Nature Method is a nature based contemplative art practice that activates intuition, feeling and the senses through easy-to-try art encounters that side-step the planning mind and shift you into fuller participation with the living world.  If you are looking for playful yet purposeful nature art ideas, or simply looking to satisfy a yearning for getting outdoors in nature and being creative with heart, this experience is for you.  
Learning Topics:
* Review the Create Cycle: intention, attraction, empathic attunement, drawing & painting with both hands and eyes closed, free flow creating, image dialogue, reflection, synergy of group sharing, gratitude
*Learn the S-L-O-W acronym for the Creative by Nature Art Method
*Some optional topics include impersonating nature's creativity, using natural materials, themes: reciprocity, breath, light/shadow, belongin, flow, colour, silence, balance...
Learning Outcomes:  
* Give colour, shape and energy to a personal connection to nature
* Appreciate image creation as a natural universal language
* Develop a creative practice of your own  
* Strengthen your creative confidence - know that you can draw and paint with ease regardless of experience, anywhere at any time  
* Experience the joy of animating your personal images  
* Feel empowered to share with others
Facilitator: Lisa Lipsett, EdD, is a mixed media painter, author and educator whose mission is the preservation of nature through care and connection. She creates art to inspire fresh ways of seeing, teaches artful nature connection to transform, and has written the book Beauty Muse: Paining in Communion with Nature to help boost others into creative action.  Lisa has been creating and teaching for over 20 years and holds a Doctorate in Transformative Learning from the University of Toronto.
Prerequisites:  enthusiasum, an open mind and a desire to have fun.
"On a day when the wind is perfect, the sail just needs to open,
and the world is full of beauty.
Today is such a day" - Rumi
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