"The Yoga sessions during the multi-day women kayaking trip in the Gulf Islands made all the difference for me with respect to staying flexible and almost completely free of stiffness, despite all the physical exertion (not to mention sleeping on the ground – something I had not done for over 30 years!). I was also intrigued with the forking and your energy healing methods. You are such a unique woman and I am so glad to have met you when I did. I am working hard here back home – doing my Yoga, practicing my breathing, trying extra hard to stay in the moment. I am also approaching my family problems with a far different attitude than I had before I went to Saltspring Island. In short, I am a happier, more peaceful woman – and it shows! Valma, thank you once again for passing on your wisdom and strength."
Linda Marchand
"I had such a wonderful time on the HERIZEN Gulf Islands multi day women sea kayaking adventure. It was my first time kayaking for more than just a couple of hours. The guides made sure all of us were comfortable and safe. The combination of Yoga, Qigong, and paddling was amazing! They complimented each other so well. I felt empowered, energized and enlightened. I felt like a true goddess inside and out. I can't wait to do this again!"
Jody Webber
"The four day Gulf Island women kayaking and Yoga Adventure with Valma of HERIZEN™ Life Adventures and Lisa of Salt Spring Adventures was a fantastic experience due to the expertise in kayaking, camping, marine life and the spiritual modalities, including various types of Yoga. The meals were healthy and delicious. The group shared a spiritual journey in a beautiful natural and supportive environment. I highly recommend this HERIZEN™ multi-day women kayak and Yoga adventure, and would do it again."
Donalda Carson
"The West Coast of BC sure is a great place to have a multi-day women kayaking adventure experience. I will never forget seeing all of the sea lions at Folger Island. The interesting rock formations, wind swept trees, not to mention the morning Qigong and Yoga practice. I feel strong, very well, light, happy and totally rejuvenated. What a thrill and very exciting too! Thank you HERIZENTm"
Sandra Redding - Hawaii, USA
"Wow! I loved the Gulf Islands multi-day women kayaking transformationl adventure. The weather was great, food fantastic, the Yoga, Qigong and other self-awareness exercises were life enhancing. The guides were very friendly, happy and positive women. I feel that I really got great value for this exceptional experience. Thank you!"
Trudy Young - Manitoba