Women Sailing the Baja

Baja is a place of raw beauty. At first glance you see the desert with sand, cacti, mountain ranges, but she has so many hidden treasures. When we pause to notice the changes of the colours of the sea, sky, mountains, sands and desert rocks we are amazed at details that we never noticed at first glance. Full of nature and serene quietude there is a rustic, chic nomadic flare.

Only women that are called within to make the journey to the Baja and venture out beyond the shores to sail the Sea of Cortez make it here. Really, it starts with a yearning to experience and witness something truly unique and have faith and trust in Self.

Once we depart the port it is only us, the nature, sea, sun, moon, stars, blue footed boobies, grey and humpback whales, thousands of mobula rays jumping high out of the water, all kinds of sea birds, dolphins, blue whales and breathtaking sunsets and much more.

This environment is the perfect back drop for you that wants a unique adventure, join like minded women, re-kindle the love for sailing, make new friends, hike, swim, play, laugh and build confidence.

We begin our adventure from La Paz and sail to the outer islands of Ispirtu Santos and many of the islands beyond. Our Baja women sailing adventure is a combination of sailing – learn how much you want as we sail together, learn about the local geographical history, get up and close with nature and enjoy your own experience as it unfolds magically. Each woman comes for their own reason and comes away with that and much more.

How do I know this – just check out what others have to say about their unique Women Sailing in Baja Experience.

“One year into living aboard a 42 Catalina sailboat, largely dependent on my partner’s sailing experience, I was ready to take the next step and deepen my own skills and confidence. The Baja trip proved to be exactly what I needed. Skippered by Valma, one of the best instructors I have ever had, the all-female crew created a vibe of empowerment, encouragement and friendship. I came away with new skills and an unshakeable belief in my abilities. As a result of the trip, I grew as a boat owner, as a sailor and also as a human being. I cannot recommend Valma’s trips highly enough.”

Claire Booth, Founder/CEO Lux Insights – Canada

“Since I had never been sailing before, I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I immediately knew I was in good hands when I met Valma.  A lot of people are skilled at their sport, craft, etc… but to be super skilled at what you do AND be a great teacher is a rare talent. This is Valma, she’s extremely knowledgeable about sailing and explains things clearly and patiently. This is not even the extent of her talents, she also has a wonderful way of bringing a group of people together, who don’t know each other, in a way that facilitates support, respect and friendship building.  I learned so much – about sailing and myself – and had a fantastic trip.  Thank You Valma, I will be back on another adventure as soon as able!”

Nancy McGrew Alaska 

“Breathe deep and slow. Experience a week of sailing with women who become friends, feeling the fresh breezes on your face, relaxing with wine to watch the sunset and sleep with a trillion stars above the boat. I was looking for time away from my everyday stress of my career and an opportunity to build skills in sailing. I received so much more. It was truly a pleasure to pause and enjoy the unhurried adventure of sailing with a 6 women crew and enjoying camaraderie of mutual experience and interests with newfound friends. I recommend HERIZEN Sailing for Women as a wonderful place to discover a very personal adventure and the opportunity to grow. Thanks again, it was a total delight.” Linda Anne Brown – USA

“Truly a memorable experience! Skipper Valma is an excellent and experienced sailor and teacher. She meets you at whatever level of experience you bring with you and you leave with new, solid competency.
Adventure, emotional and physical growth, team building and gratitude are abundant.
Thank you Valma for sharing your knowledge and gifts. Kerry Ritchie-Campbell, USA

“Fabulous trip!  Definitely the highlight of the year. Valma is an exceptional skipper, host, teacher, spiritual guide, fearless leader, compassionate and caring person, and someone I will always call my friend now.”   Cathy Catya Weil, Todos Santos, BCS, Mexico

“Exhilarating. Transformational. Emotionally and physically-strengthening. Camaraderie. Laughter. Just a few words to describe seven days on the sea with our trusted skipper Valma. Simply an extraordinary experience.” Baja Sailing Adventure” Karen MacKenzie, USA


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