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All Women Wilderness Programs

HERIZEN™ Wilderness for Women offers wilderness multi-day walking, hiking and Yoga adventures around the world in nature. Our empowering and inspiring women wilderness adventure experiences are designed by women for women to show you circumstances of seeing yourself as “BEING” confident, successful, vibrant and creating your own miracles.

Re-ignite your sense of adventure and celebrate personal success and natural Well-being through skill building, nature and awareness activities. All of our programs offer mindfulness, yoga, Qigong, nature art and self-awareness practices, encouraging women to hear the voices of the nature world upon us. Come and explore women multi-day adventures: hike wilderness trails with a morning Yoga practice or take the next step in Self Mastery and go for a confidence-building trek.

Haida Gwaii – Edge of the World Adventure Retreat for Women

Date:  TBA 2025 Join HERIZEN™ Wilderness for Women Haida Gwaii Adventure Retreat! Travel to the Edge of the World and discover the untouched beauty and rich culture of Haida Gwaii…
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Baja Cave Art and Yoga by Mule Adventure

Date:  January 8 to January 14, 2024. Join HERIZEN™ Wilderness for Women on a magical Baja Cave Art and Yoga by Mule Adventure! A rich tapastry of Great Mural art…
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Bonnie Scotland Wise Women Walking Adventure

Aug 5 to 14, 2024 | Scotland | $2995 Join HERIZEN™ Wilderness for Women for our annual Wise Women Walking & Yoga Adventure in the mystic, beautiful yet rustic Highlands…
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