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Baja 200 Hr YTT for Women - Yoga Alliance Recognzied

July 6 to July 18, 2024 & Feb 1 to 13, 2025  

Join HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women for our in-person 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training for Women at Las Playitas near Todos Santos, Baja Sur, Mexico.

Have you been thinking about making a career change to something more meaningful in your life?

Has Yoga helped you through big life challenges and now you want to pay it forward and share what you have learned through your experience and help others too?

Do you have an existing Yoga practice and have finally decided to embark on the next phase of your Yoga journey and enroll in a Yoga Teacher Training, yet, maybe you have held back because you are not confident, do not feel good enough or maybe you have a physical or even learning challenge.



In person 200 Hour YTT

 July 6 to July 18, 2024

Feb 1 to Feb 13, 2025

Location:  Todos Santos BCS, Mexico

Self Investment: $2695 USD   
Deposit 50%: $1347.50 USD
Balance: April 19, 2024, June 6, 2024 & Dec 2, 2024

All payments are non refundale

All of our Women Yoga Teacher Trainings are personalized, small groups, affordable, empowering and transformational.  


If you are ready to take positive action to change your life and stop living someone else’s dream rather than your own, then you’ve got to join our Women only Level 1: 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) here at the Clarananda Nature Retreat in Baja California Sur, Mexico and become an empowered Heart Centered Certified Yoga Teacher.

Join our small group of like minded women at our desert sanctuary overlooking the pacific ocean.  Our Desert Zen nature retreat is a special place to learn, grown and take your yoga practice to the next level. Very personalized experience with limited space as we only take 4 participants. There is ample space for learning in your unique way with fresh air, clean water, white sand beaches, lovely natural trees, beautiful vistas watching the whales go by all under tropical blue skies.

We will commune together in a variety of outdoor Yoga spaces for our training practices and you will be served delicious farm to table organic vegetarian / vegan meals to nourish your body, mind and soul. The program can be tailored to meet your specific physical and or learning style needs. Build life long friendships, tune up another level of Yoga Self Mastery and even new ways to express yourself.

Enjoy kirtan, world dance, fireside under the waxing moon, listening to the sound of the ocean all while being nurtured, cared for, inspired, gaining clarity about your new Yogini way of life and expanding your comfort zone and …..having fun too!

"Valma's teachings are very authentic and true to Yogic Living.  The training goes above and beyond the scope of Yoga to incorporate Ayurveda principles, permaculture, daily rituals, mantra, chanting, being mindful, thinking positively, and living life "off the grid"  Melissa Juhasz, Ontario, Canada



The training schedule is based on Mountain Standard Time (MST). You are in the practice of yoga and action oriented for most of the hours with rest periods in between. Breakout groups for practice and assignments creates connection with others and you will be teaching from day 1. Om

The 180 Hour Baja YTT Intensive Schedule

  • 5:30 AM to 7:00 AM: Morning Aarti, Meditation, Mantra, warm ups, morning practice

  • 7:00 AM to 7:30 AM: Break

  • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM: Morning Ojas drink, nourishment, journal & confidence through Tarot

  • 8:30 AM to 9:00 AM:  Break

  • 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM: Teacher Train Practice & Instruction

  • 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM:  Prana Ayurvedic Nourishment/ class

  • 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM: Break

  • 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM:  Student practice, teaching, communication, presenting skills - short breaks and snacks

  • 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM:  Prana Rich Ayurvedic Nourishment & Class

  • 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM:  Break and Karma Yoga

  • 6:30 PM to 7:00 PM: Evening Aarti and prasad - special desert

  • 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM: Satsang, Meditation, Music, Kirtan, Yoga Philosophy and Discussion

The next available HERIZEN Yoga for Women Level 1: 200-Hour YTT Baja California Sur, Mexico Intensive Training dates are July 6 to July 18, 2024 & Feb 1 to Feb 13, 2025. Limited to 4 women only - now that is personalized attention! Imagine a new life for yourself - Be Happy, Healthy and Inspired! This HERIZEN Yoga for Women YTT Baja Desert Oasis experience is only for those that are unique and special like You!. Follow your heart and say Yes now! - Om Shanti.

What recent graduates have to say:

"My experience with Valma leading the HERIZEN™ 200-hour YTT was beautiful. We started teaching asanas from day 2. We read the asanas, were shown how to teach them, practiced doing them, studied, then taught them out. This brilliant process built our confidence and enabled me to develop a teaching style that emphasizes key safety and alignment points for all asanas.

Beyond the teaching process, I personally learned how to practice self empathy, to clarimize(be clear and direct), to confidently communicate my boundaries, and how to listen to my body more carefully. I discovered a deeper way to breathe into my body while engaging my core. The pranayama teaching and daily practice also supported my personal and teaching growth.

The daily Ayurvedic food lessons and meals were nourishing(to body and mind) and definitely sets Herizen’s training apart from other teacher training. I also enjoyed learning Hindu customs, from deities to holidays, Patanjali and everything in between.

Valma Ji, is a phenomenal YT trainer, chocolatier, woman, and leader. It was an honour to learn how to teach from her and spend time with her too."  D. Santana, New Jersey, USA.

Believe and Anything is Possible - Have faith in the Process!



Meet Valma Shakti (Brenton) - of HERIZEN Life Adventures International Sailing, Yoga, & Self-Awareness teacher / lifestyle coach, Valma is also an Ayurvedic practitioner, astro-palmist, hora-astrologer, yogini, author, inspirational speaker and global adventurer.

"My purpose,” says Valma “is to be a mirror for other women like yourself, to share my knowledge and wisdom of life and empowering you to live your very best life. To inspire you to create miracles in your life and be open to the present moment...creating balance through awareness, self-confidence, intention and faith. I invite all women to celebrate personal success and natural Well-Being through awareness, motion and nature. Join me on a journey of freedom and transform all aspects of your life through Yoga, Ayurveda, Qigong, Mantra, Meditation, Pranayama, Sustainable Green Living and let your spirit fly.”


"The HERIZEN™ Baja Yoga Teacher Training was transformational for me mentally, physically and emotionally.  Valma Brenton is a careful thorough Yoga teacher and motivator who recognizes the unique gifts of each of her students, nurtures them and allows them to blossom into their own style of teaching.  I feel well prepared after this intense training to share a safe, positive Yoga practice with my students and beyond." 

— Mary Burress, USA


“My time with Valma Shakti at the Clarananda Natural Living Retreat was a life-changing and eye-opening event.  I came for a yoga teacher certification and I left not only with a teaching certificate but with a complete purification of my body and renewal in my vision for what I wanted out of my life.  To not only properly digest my food but life in general, to have a higher level of awareness and clarity.  Reminding me to love living every day in the loveliness of life.  This is what my time with Valma taught me.  Valma had this amazing ability to stretch our limits and pull out the best in us that was already there.  To teach us to lead and inspire those we teach in a positive and healthful way.  She is a snake charmer, friend of all creatures, creator of amazing cuisine, inspirational teacher, adventurer, story teller and a divine human being.  Some of my favorite things were singing good night to the sun and the moon as well as witnessing the transformation of my body going from "what did I sign up for?" after the first or second day; to I feel amazing and don't want this feeling to end by the last day.  The whole thing a truly remarkable experience and I'm so glad that I chose her to lead me through this part of my journey in life.  With love and gratitude always” 

— Tosha  WA, USA


  • Completely individualized in person Yoga Instruction, Practice of Asana, Anatomy & Physiology, Yoga Ethics, Philosophy of Yoga - Patanjali Eight Fold Path, Subtle Body - Chakra Activation, Meditation - you will be teaching Yoga from day one.
  • “Live From the Heart Yoga” - HERIZEN™ Yoga 200-Hour YTT Manual

  • Pre-study 20-Hour Assignments - you begin your new life journey when you enroll.

  • A copy of the “Eating for Life™  Cookbook - we prepare the delicious organic vegetarian / vegan (some local free range eggs if you wish) meals from this book during the training…everyone always asks “Is this recipe in the book?”

  • Kirtan, Puja, Ayurveda 101, Mantras and Deep Listening Skills

  • The Business of Yoga - The Om of Marketing Workbook and Teaching Yoga Online

  • 2024 / 2025 Numerology Prediction

  • Full Moon Puja, Graduation Puja & Ceremony - morning Aarti

  • Certificate upon successful completion and recommendation to Yoga Alliance

  • Shared sleeping accommodation in cabin tents or similar.

  • Organic Prana rich farm to table meals on arrival, during program and departure day.

  • Special Welcome Gift Bag with a personalized ZEN Star Mala, Organic Valma Chocolates, incense from India and a compact writing journal.

  • Transport from the Todos Santos bus station at 3:30 Pm to Clarananda Training location. We return you to Todos Santos on the last evening or morning after the last day of the training.


  • Airfare to / from BSC, Mexico
  • Transport from the airport to the Todos Santo bus station and return.
  • Personal items such as personal masks and hand sanitizer, clothing, yoga materials, mats other than above.
  • Printing of the training materials/ manual.
  • Additional training items like magazines, markers, pens a few study books.
  • Visa, passport fees if required for travel.
  • Travel / medical insurance - we always recommend TCI / medical coverage.
  • Any banking, credit card, wire transfer, paypal and or exchange currency fees.
  • Any medical transport fees if required.
  • Personal: Laundry, cell phone sim etc..
  • All materials related to the 20 Hours of non contact pre-study assignments - ie attending additonal yoga class for observations, renting movies etc…
  • Any travel vaccination, quarantine or travel entry fees.



We always recommend that you purchase Trip Cancellation Insurance and appropriate out of country Medical Insurance.

Please secure your travel investment!

Travel Insurance Services (TSI) for Americans covers covid reasons for cancellation. If you test positive before departure, or while on your adventure, it would be treated as any other unwellness under the plan and you would be covered. There is also coverage for quarantine and other expenses that you might incur. Canadians can check out RBC Travel Insurance and Manulife Travel Insurance. Nomad Travel Insurance is another option.

Additional Course Materials and Information