HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women

is a division of HERIZEN™ Life Adventures International Inc. 


 TERMS AND CONDTIIONS:  Please note that all payments are non-refundable.  A 50% deposit is required to secure your booking and is non-refundable.  The balance payment is due 60 days prior to the commencement of your sailing course, retreat or sailing adventure and is non-refundable.  All Cancellations or Transfers must be received in writing.

TRANSFERS:  The deposit payment is transferable to another sailing program with receipt of written notice and notice of change is 60 days or more prior to your sailing program or your sailing program slot time is re-booked and your original space is taken by another client.  Based on availability and has to be used within 12 months in Canada only.  A $200.00 CDN service charge applies to all re-scheduled sailing programs.  Please note:  Program fees are non-transferable within 60 days of the program start date.

CANCELLATIONS: All payments are non-refundable.  In the event of your cancellation, upon receipt of written notice of cancellation, the balance payment due 60 days prior to the start of your sailing program may be applied to a future sailing program at the same value and only if space is available. (transfer / admin fees apply).  For cancellation less than 60 days prior to the training date, all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

TRAVEL INSURANCE:  WE RECOMMEND ALL CLIENTS PURCHASE TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE to protect your investment in case you cancel your trip in the event that you become un-well or your trip is delayed or interrupted. This insurance is to be purchased at the time of booking. The value is based on value of trip, number of days and your age.  Please ask for a quote.

Please Note:  All funds are non-refundable.  If you do not purchase the Trip Cancellation Insurance as recommended you will be required to sign a form indicating that you are aware that your trip is non-refundable and is not transferable to any other program if you cancel because of sudden unwelln-ness or because of a trip delay or interruption.  If you are a US citizen you are requested to send us a copy of your TCI policy.

CANCELLED TRIPS:  HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women reserves the right to change the itinerary - sail plan, equipment size, instructor, or cancel any sailing programs based on Acts of God, weather, in-adequate sign up or unforeseen challenges.  In such cases we will offer a transfer to another sailing program or HERIZEN™ training program of equivalent value if space permits. The Customer is 100% responsible for all travel and trip preparation expenses outside what is included in the value of the sailing adventure, retreat or training, including airline tickets, accommodation, fees or charges, gratuities, medical expenses, land transportation, meals, insurance of any kind or equipment purchases.  We recommend Trip Cancellation Insurance please ask for details.

TRIP DELAY OR INTERRUPTIONS: HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women reserves the right to change the itinerary or prevent the commencement of the sailing program based on Acts of God, unsafe weather conditions or unforeseen challenges.  This would be the case if such events were unsafe for the boat, captain and crew to set sail.  In such cases all funds are non refundable and non transferable.  The customer is 100% responsible for all travel and trip preperation expenses and any other costs related to this trip delay or interruption such as airfares, hotels, transportation of any kind, telephone, internet, insurance of any kind, cancellation or rebooking fees, medical services, meals and gratuities.

TRIP PROGRAM CHANGES: HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women reserves the right to change the itinerary / program outline, sailing instructor / trip or program leader and any or all service providers.

TRANSPORTATION SERVICES:  HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women acts only in all matters related to services such as taxi, ground transportation, airport or buses, and ferries, shuttles, shore excursions and all other transportation requirements.   The Customer is 100% responsible for liability for any actions or defaults of any individual organization with who such arrangements are made.

MEDICAL:  HERIZEN™ Sailing Instructors/  coaches / guides are trained in First Aid and CPR.  They carry VHF radio and cell phones so help can be summoned in an emergency.  Participants are encouraged to purchase adequate medical insurance coverage. The Customer is 100% responsible for any provision cost of medical care or evacuation.  Certain medical conditions will require a written doctor's permission prior to participation.

We request that all participants consult with your local travel clinic for recommendations on health immunizations or travel outside your own country.  We also recommend a recent Tetanus immunization. The customer is 100% responsible for all medical services and or medical evacuations if required during any sailing program trip.

LIABILITY:  A Disclosure Form and Release Document form must be reviewed and signed by all participants and is to be given to your sailing instructor on the first day of the sailing program.  You may only participate in the sailing program / retreat or adventure if this document has been reviewed and signed.  This document is enclosed / attached with your other sailing course information.