Become a confident and empowered to BE the best of who you really are!

Welcome to Clarananda, where the desert meets the sea near Todos Santos, Baja Mexico

Learn to teach Yoga confidently, gain flexability & strength, discover inner peace through our transformative Meditation Technique. Learn how to use food as medicine to secure a strong digestive system and easily assimulate foods so as to gain high levels of energy. Learn about real Yogic practices and confidently include these into your Yoga wisdom teachings. Using transformational technology, we have created and deliver a women only small group personalized YTT emersion Self Mastery program that has high quality standards and cost / time effective self investment value.  Our students and graduates are from around the world and we accommodate those that have English as a second language.  

HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women is a Yoga Alliance® Internationally Recognized Yoga School (RYS). We offer a 200 Hr Baja Yoga Teacher Training / Certification Intensive & Self Mastery for Women is fully recognized by Yoga Alliance®. Our Baja Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery (YTT) Yoga Camp Intensives are held at the "Clarananda Natural Living Retreat", an ocean front desert property near the beautiful historic town of Todos Santos.  

Next 200 Hr - Level 1 Baja Yoga YTT Camp Intensive for Women    

*March 7 to 19, 2018         Clarananda Natural Living Yoga Center - Level 1: 200 Hr Baja YTT Yoga Intensive

*April 16 to 28, 2018   Clarananda Natural Living Yoga Center - Level 1: 200 Hour Baja YTT Yoga Intensive 

Note:  Arrive on March 7th, 2018 by 3:30 pm at the Todos Santos bus depot. We take you to Clarananda for checkin, orientation and an evening session. Depart after graduation on the last evening or stayover and leave by 9 am on the day after. We return you to the bus depot in Todos Santos


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Today, our Baja Yoga Teacher Training / Certification Intensive & Self Mastery for women have created testimonials of transformation, illumination, self-mastery, blending healthy lifestyle choices, a circle of wellness, bringing forth the inner light, moving beyond learning to true unfolding, and a wealth of spiritual practices to share with other women. Our students come from Alberta and across Canada, Korea, Japan, China, USA, Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, Australia, India and beyond.

Sip the nectar of Prana at  the "Clarananda Natural Living Yoga Center", an ocean front desert property near the historic town of Todos Santos. Take the next step now in your own level of Yoga mastery and become a confident & successful Yoga Teacher. Take this opportunity now to Master the Self - Align and Balance your energy to BE and enhance your present Yoga practice as an internationally recognized Yoga Teacher offering the world the gift of Consciousness through Yoga in every moment. Follow through with your vision or dream today! 

Through this 200 Hr Level 1-13 day intensive Baja Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for women by women you will have completely individualized Yoga instruction, practice of Asanas, anatomy & physiology, learn the Heart Based Meditation, mantra, sacred singing, chanting, kirtan, puja, universal dances of India and the world, Pranayama, chakra activation, philosophy of Yoga, ethics, introduction to Ayurveda with an emphasis on nutrition (focusing on prana-rich foods) and healthy lifestyle choices, Sanskrit and an abundance of Yoga teaching practicum. Also included are: transformational confidence building techniques to assist you in BEING inspired and empowered to apply what you learn immediately in all phases of your life. Positive verbal cues to ensure safe Yoga classes. During this thirteen day intensive Baja Yoga Teacher Training for women you will be teaching Yoga days before you certify. This Baja Yoga Teacher Training intensive for women in Mexico has a maximum of 6 to 8 students per class, is intimate and intense, for you who choose to achieve MASTERY.   

COMPLIMENTARY:  All Registered participant receives a Complimentary  2018 Numerology Prediction and our NEW E- Cookbook   "Eating for Life Tm"

200 Hr Level 1 - AVAILABLE DATES 

200 Hr Baja Yoga Teacher Training Intensive / Certification & Self Mastery for Women in Mexico 

*Mar 7 to 19, 2018    Clarananda Natural Living Yoga Center - Level 1 - 200 Hr Baja YTT Yoga Intensive

*April 16 to 28, 2018  Clarananda Natural Living Yoga Center - Level 1 - 200 Hr Baja YTT Yoga Intensive

Note:  Arrive on March 7th, 2018 by 3:30 pm at the Todos Santos bus depot. We take you to Clarananda for checkin, orientation and an evening session. Depart after graduation on the last evening or stayover and leave by 9 am on the day after. We return you to the bus depot in Todos Santos

200 Hr Level 1 Canada, Van Isle YTT Yoga Training Intensive on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - next date July 16 to 28, 2018     Space

Personalized Intensive Baja Yoga YTT Training for Women - 6 to 8 students per program

This program is a solid foundation with an intergral approach.  Our teachers have experience in Classical Hatha, Iyengar and Ashtanga.  Upon successful completion, you may teach any style that is ideal for you.


Inclusive - 200 Hr  YTT          INSPIRED - GO HERE 

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Mexico Mobile:  011 52 1 612 131 6387  (Nov to end of May 2018)

Canada Mobile:  1.604.354.1317 (June to Sept)

Email: yoga@herizenlifeadventures.comor call Skype  Valma- Herizen

What other Yogini's say:

"The HERIZENYTT Baja Yoga Teacher Training Intensive has truly been a life altering experience for me.  From learning how to properly teach asanas, to nutrition, to self confidence, to "Clarimizing™" to learning about deliberate intent, I feel I am bringing so much back to my life, professionally AND personally.  I can't wait to incorporate everything I have learned with this Baja Yoga Teacher Training into all aspects of my life!  Not to mention how proud I am of myself for coming home with my Yoga Teacher Certificate!" Rhiannon Cosgrave

 Founder / Owner of Synergy Day Spa - Parksville, BC, Canada

"The Baja YTT Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation practices are delightful, intense and life changing. A tremendously valuable experience.  For those on the path of self discovery or personal growth, you've come to the right place.  Clarananda is truly a remarkable setting and the food is amazing!"  

Tracy Ernst - Calgary, Canada - Harmony Yoga

Baja YTT Yoga Camp Intensive/ Certification & Self Mastery  for Women Training Details:


Ocean front desert property at "Clarananda Natural Living Retreat" near the historic town of Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico.  Fly to San Jose del Cabo (SJD) or La Paz (LAP)

*Direct flights from Vancouver and Calgary with West Jet  - click here

200 Hr Level 1 - WHAT IS INCLUDED?

"This All Inclusive Package Includes" Shared accommodation in comfortable cabin tents shaded with palm palapas at "Clarananda" an ocean front desert property near the magical town of Todos Santos in Baja, Mexico. "Clarananda" is set in a beautiful desert garden with a wide variety of birds and wild desert plants. This private ocean front property is a short walk to a beautiful peaceful white sandy beach, with breath taking sunset vistas, grey / humpback whales migrating and dolphins are a short distance away. Living in harmony with nature there are many tranquil spaces for meditation and connection with our divine mother earth. The tents include two raised single beds complete with bedding, they are quaint, simple and quiet except for the sound of the doves, cow bells and ocean surf. Hot showers and bathrooms are available, solar energy and organic gardens. An abundance of local fresh fruits, organic vegetables, avocados, nuts, spring water and three vegetarian meals including an organic late afternoon hot meal and a healthy desert are included during the day. All Yoga training materials including Sanskrit terms are included.

"Eating for Life Tm" Introduction to Ayurveda with emphasis on optimal nutritional guidelines for ideal dietary practices to obtain and maintain higher energy levels and radiant health. Each day includes hands on instruction for preparing Prana / Qi / Life Force Rich foods: instruction includes proper food combining for best assimilation and absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to help protect and strengthen teeth, bones, organs and every cell in the body. We accommodate Vegan and Gluten free.

In addition to this training you will receive a FREE copy of our "Eating for Life Tm" cookbook.

"Learn to Clarimize" Principles for more conscious communication - learn through the power of your words and thoughts to form the most beneficial mental images for safety, strength, revitalization and restoration for your students. Through the use of this evolutionary gift we cultivate happiness within ourselves and others. Through these techniques you will also prepare a vision board to assist in actualizing your vision and dreams as a successful Yoga teacher.

"Yoga Lifestyle" Learn the art of living Consciously through the virtues of Patanjali's Eight Limbs of Yoga. Create balance, equanimity so as to live in peace, good health and harmony with the greater whole. Full expression of ourselves is also key to a richer and more fulfilling life. Learn the art of creative self-expression through mantra, sacred songs, chants, kirtan, puja,universal dances of India and the World, all of which will awaken the goddess within, deepen your yoga practice and create a more heart centered, health filled life of Awareness and Inner Peace. 

"Live your Dream"  Discover your Purpose and follow your Bliss.  Learn "The Secret" to becoming a successful Yoga teacher and empowering others to live a healthy, fun and blissful life. You will learn transformational confidence building techniques that will empower you to create and manifest your desired dreams in yoga and in your life. 

"Chakra stimulating practices" Activate and align the energy centers at our adrenals, regenerates, liver, thymus, thyroid, pineal glands and brain, keeping them strong, healthy and functioning at their best.

"Description of Food" You will be nourished lavishly with an abundance of local fresh tropical fruits and organic vegetables grown just for you by our local farm.  Also included are a variety of nuts / butters, avocados, sprouts, and healthy forms of protein during the Baja Yoga Teacher Training and Certification. There are three vegetarian meals in the day, two light and a delicious Ayurvedic hot prana rich vegetarian meal served in the late afternoon with a delightful desert in the early evening. Also in this program you will receive interactive instruction in the preparation of Ayurvedic and ideal dietary practices. Every vegetarian meal will meet these ideal dietary practices to obtain and maintain higher energy levels and radiant health.  We accommodate Vegan and Gluten free.

"Sacred Cacao Ayurvedic Movement Ceremony"  The Cacao Devi is pure Shakti. Her Goddess energy, essence and gifts are in many ways akin to some of the traditional Goddess qualities - feminine, rich, abundant, fertile, generous, nurturing, life giving, powerful and regenerative.  This small and beautiful Cacao bean is revered for its heart opening effects that its journey has carried it world wide. Today, Cacao has reclaimed its position as a sacred ceremonial medicine and is offered within a dance ritual of letting go and manifestation. Through the use of our handcraft Sacred Cacao Elixr and specially designed Ayurvedic Dance Ritual, students often receive life-changing experiences, huge breakthroughs, clarity of mind and a passion for their true purpose.

HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women is is delighted to serve local herb teas at all programs and retreats.

"To Enhance Your Experience" During your stay you have the option to gain further insight into yourself through other Healing Practices.   In addition we offer the following with certified practitioners.

Ayurveda Consultation - 15 minute complimentary - additional 45 minutes $50

Prashna Astrology - 15 minute included with Ayurvedic consult - 30 minutes $35

Numerology / Astro Palmistry - 30 minutes - additonal 30 minutes is $35 (all participants receive a complimentary numerology 2018 prediction)

Massage - Lomi Lomi Style  - fees available on site


 * 20 Hours of non contact study time and assignments prior to arrival. (remaining 180 hours completed on site)

Upon registration, we send the study materials and assignments for the 20 hours.

* All insurance including Trip & Medical Insurance - we recommend that you purchase these.

* Travel to and from the actual YTT Training location

* Additional study books - ask for details

* Laundry, phone calls (we can do hand wash or one load during the training)

* All Taxes - GST

* Yoga mat and strap (blocks are included and we do have some mats available - please ask in advance)

* Any personal items - alarm clock, clothes

* Print yourself or have printed the training materials - they come via email or drop box)

"Your Baja Yoga Intensive & Self Awareness YTT Program Leaders" HERIZENYoga and Self Awareness Program Leaders are dedicated and committed to Being there for all students to inspire, encourage, teach and coach in a way that serves with loving, nurturing and compassionate values. Details here 

 "Baja YTT Yoga Intensive Certification"  A 200 Hour Hatha Flow Baja Yoga Teacher Training Certificate is provided to all successful candidates along with a letter of reference for the Yoga Alliance® Registry.

*Join us for our annual 

North India Spiritual - Shakti Yoga Fusion Adventure for Women, Oct 28 to Nov 12, 2018   Details go here     

South India: The Way of Ayurveda Nature - Nov 12 to 20, 2018    Details go here

These program can also be used as a 100 Hr elective module towards the 300 Hr Advanced Yoga & Self Awareness Mastery Program and or YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continued Educational Credits)


This  200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training Intensive / Certification is recognized by Yoga Alliance 


 Beautiful Love  - Love is all we have!