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Let your love be the sun. It shines on all equally.

H.H. Dalai Lama

“If your Husband hates water that isn’t in a bath tub and you want to get outside the confines of local waterways and explore the oceans of the world what are your options?  Ladies, there is good news out there!  It’s called HERIZEN™ Sailing for Women.   There’s also an added bonus – Yoga on deck. 

When I first saw the HERIZEN™ website, I was excited by the prospect of 14 days sailing Thailand, on the Andaman Sea.  As the time to leave approached, I got nervous.  I was stepping into the vast unknown – sharing a 42’ Jenneau Odyssey with strangers, and sailing around a third world country.  I worried about food, toilets, showers and many other things that seemed at the time to be overwhelmingly important.   OCZ!  (Out of Comfort Zone).

On arriving in Thailand and getting to know my fellow lady crew, I was struck by these wonderful gutsy ladies, all of whom had had their own worries and concerns.   Together, we explored a Buddhist temple in Krabi, shopped for food at local markets, walked through streams and jungles, watched sunsets, saw sea gypsies in Ko Lipe, were entertained by fire dancers in Phi Phi and rode elephants in Koh Lanta.  We cooked, ate, giggled and sailed.   It was an amazing adventure.  

Perhaps because it was all women, it was so much more than a sailing holiday.  Each person brought something unique of themselves which added to the experience of all of us.  

Our wonderful and highly competent Skipper, Valma Brenton was an inspiration as both sailor, Yogini and also as a “life coach”.  As well as improving my sailing skills, I discovered how to be “in the moment”, and rather than stewing on things, techniques on how to easily let things go.   

I can’t thank Valma enough for providing the opportunity for women to undertake this unique experience.”


Kind regards,

Deborah Culhane, Melbourne, Australia“When Valma posted her sailing trip to Thailand on her website a part of me jumped for joy inside and I wanted to sign up immediately – but I didn’t, I hesitated and thought of reasons why I should wait.  But I kept talking about it and looking at the website until my husband said, in a loving supportive way… “DO IT, stop talking about it and DO IT”.  I held my breath and stopped listening to the part of me that kept finding ways to keep me from my passion… I said YES :), but by then the trip was full 🙁 It was a lesson for me about how I can deny myself in life and I resolved to say YES to what excites me in life.  As luck, or divine intervention, would have it Valma put on an additional trip but I was ready and jumped at the opportunity.  The two weeks sailing IN THAILAND renewed me from the inside out.  I could not believe I was sailing IN THAILAND!!  On top of exploring a whole new part of the world, I built on my sailing skills, crammed more knowledge into my brain, experienced the gentle, happy people of Thailand, and basically…Had A Blast!  All I can say is … say YES to your dreams today and you will be amazed at how life says Yes back 🙂 Thank you again Valma for the opportunity to experience the world from such a unique and valuable perspective.  You so easily make “the world” your home and welcome others to join in your love, light, and adventures. Take care,  Janice “When I saw the sailing trip in Thailand on the Andaman Sea I knew I wanted to go. To venture off was a little intimidating, however, after chatting with Valma the conversation only confirmed that I wanted to be on this trip.  What an adventure!  Sailing, yoga, exotic beaches, sunsets, wonderful food and a crew of truly incredible women to share the experience.  Valma is an amazing woman with a gift for teaching and encourating others to be their best.  Whether it was sailing skills, yoga or as a life coach, Valma has an innate ability to pass on knowledge in the right moments and with clarity.  It was an incredible trip in so many ways.  Thank you Valma!

Rose Whiten    White Rock, BC Canada


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