Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS:  Please note that all payments are non-refundable.Each Attendee is required to provide a 50% non-refundable deposit and a completed registration form in order to secure each booking.  The balance of the payment is due 90 days prior to the commencement of your training / adventure program in the currency advertised and is non–refundable. If you book within 90 days of a program start date, the full balance due is required to complete each booking. All programs outside Canada are quoted and payable in USD. All Canadian programs are quoted and payable in CAD and are subject to applicable taxes.

Each Attendee is fully responsible for all travel and training / adventure program preparation expenses that are not included in the training / adventure program including airline tickets; accommodation outside of what is included in the program itinerary; fees/charges/gratuities; medical expenses; land transportation; meals; insurance of any kind; credit/bank card charges, wire transfer and currency exchange fees; clothing/equipment purchases.

TRANSFERS: Your deposit payment is transferable to another training / adventure program if HLA is in receipt of your written notice and notice of change a minimum of 91 days prior to your training / adventure program.  This Transfer is an option only if there is availability and must be used within 12 months from the original program start date. In addition, if there is a higher difference in the value of the new training / program then the attendee is responsible to pay the difference.  If the new training / adventure program is a lower value than the original training / program then HLAwill refund the difference. A $200.00 USD/CDN service charge applies to all re-scheduled training / adventure programs.

CANCELLATIONS BY THE ATTENDEE: Any Attendee cancellation must be made in writing via email to valma@herizenlifeadventures.com and must be acknowledged by HLA via email.  Immediately after written confirmation of the cancellation, the Attendee’s space in the program will be released. Please do not expect that this space will be available for rebooking.

If an Attendee cancels 91 days or more before the training / adventure program start date, the deposit becomes a credit to be used within 12 months of the program start date.  This credit can be transferred to another woman.  You can find another woman to take your space.  She pays you directly for the original deposit and assumes responsibility for any outstanding balance payments.  The replacement Attendee must meet registration requirements and be approved to join the training / adventure program by HLA.

If an Attendee cancels within 90 days of the training / adventure program start date there is no refund or credit available. The final balance and the deposit are both forfeited.  There will be no credit or refund. 

Special Note:If the cancellation is due to the Attendee having COVID-19 / ”flu like symptoms” within 14 days of the trip start date, is supported by a medical certificate and is not eligible to make a claim under their Trip Cancellation Insurance Policy, is supported by a letter from the Insurance Company with a notice of refusal to pay, HLAwill hold 100% of monies paid by the Attendee in connection with the booking as a credit for 12 months from the start of the original trip date.

TRAVEL INSURANCE:  WE STRONGLY ADVISE, ENCOURAGE AND RECOMMEND THAT ALL CLIENTS PURCHASE TRIP CANCELLATION INSURANCE to protect your investment in case you must cancel your training / adventure program or in the event that you become un-well, or in the unlikely event that your training / adventure program is delayed / interrupted or cancelled. This insurance is to be purchased at the time of booking. Please note: All payments are not refundable.  HLA requires you to sign a Travel Insurance Waiver Form indicating that you are aware that the training  / adventure program is not-refundable and not-transferable as a credit to any other programs if you cancel 90 days or less before the program start date due to sudden illness, or because of a training / adventure program delay, interruption or cancellation. 

CANCELLED PROGRAMS by HLA:  HLA reserves the right to cancel any training / adventure program based on Acts of God, weather, in-adequate sign-up, pandemics or unforeseen challenges. If HLA cancels a training / adventure program the Attendee may transfer their paid funds to another program and or request a refund for the portion of funds paid to HLA

HLA is not responsible for any incidental expenses or consequential losses that the Attendee may have incurred as a result of the booking such as visa, vaccinations, non refundable flights or rail, non refundable car parking or other fees, lost of earnings or loss of enjoyment etc…

DELAYED OR INTERRUPTED PROGRAMS: HLA reserves the right to change the itinerary, vessels, instructors, coaches, retreat location, accommodations or prevent the commencement of the training / adventure program based on Acts of God, unsafe weather conditions, pandemics or unforeseen challenges.  An example would be if circumstances created a lack of safety for Attendees; the boat, skipper and / or crew.  If after the program has commenced and HLA is not able to provide a significant element of the training / adventure program, HLA will make suitable arrangements to continue the training / adventure program. The Attendee is fully responsible for all travel and training / adventure program preparation expenses and any other costs related to this training / adventure program being delayed, interrupted or cancelled; such as airfares, hotels, transportation of any kind, telephone, Internet, insurance of any kind, cancellation or rebooking fees, credit card fees and currency exchange fees, medical services, any meals and gratuities.  

SUPPLIERS & INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR SERVICES:  HLA acts only to organize local services, excursions and other elements of a HLA training / adventure program.  We do our best to appoint reputable suppliers / sub contractors and their Terms & Conditions will be applicable.  These services may include, taxi, ground transportation, airport or buses, ferries, shuttles, shore excursions and all other transportation requirements as well as coaches, instructors and local guides.  HLA will at all times do their best to appoint reputable suppliers and / or sub-contractors.  The Terms & Conditions of the suppliers will be applicable and may limit or exclude the liability of the supplier. The liability of HLA will not exceed that of any supplier.  Local law and regulations of the relevant country will be relevant in assessing performance of the service of any supplier.  HLA will not be liable for any actions or defaults of any individual organization and their subcontractors. Local suppliers may require HLA Attendees to sign their waiver forms directly to participate in the HLA training / adventure program.

MEDICAL:  HLA Instructors / Coaches are trained in First Aid and CPR. They each carry a cell phone or use a marine radio to summon help in an emergency.  Participants are strongly encouraged to purchase adequate medical insurance coverage. The Attendee is fully responsible for any provision, cost of medical care or evacuation.  

Certain medical conditions will require a written doctor’s permission prior to participation in any training/ adventure program.

We request that all Attendee consult with their local travel clinic for recommendations on health immunizations for travel outside of their country.  We also recommend a recent Tetanus immunization / Booster.  The Attendee is fully responsible for all medical services and / or medical evacuations if required during this training / adventure program.

LIABILITY:  An Assumption of Risk / Liability Release Form, Release of Liability Form and COVID – 19 Addendum / Participant Agreement will be provided during the registration process.  You are required to read, review, and sign as well as having your signature witnessed. These signed and witnessed forms must be sent to HLA via email or post in order to complete your registration process. You may only participate in the training / adventure program once these forms have been reviewed, signed and submitted as part of the registration process. These forms are enclosed / attached with your training / adventure program preparation information. Completed registration forms are preferred via email to valma@herizenlifeadventures.comor may be sent by post to the corporate office at:  

HERIZEN Tm Life Adventures International inc.

101-5170 Dunster Road, Suite 176, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, V9T 6M4 

IMAGES & MARKETING: The Attendee agrees that while participating in any (HLA) training / adventure program activity, images, photos or videos may be taken by other Attendees and / or HLA representatives that may contain or feature the Attendee in part or in whole. The Attendee acknowledges that they consent to any such pictures being taken and agree that Attendee hereby grants a perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable license to HLA, it’s a affiliates and assigns, to reproduce for any purpose whatsoever (including marketing and promotions), in any medium whatsoever, whether currently known or hereinafter devised, without any further obligation to the Attendee or compensation payable to such Attendee. 

Please Note:  we do strive to repsect our Attendee privacy and do ask permission to use specific photos prior to any public marketing.

AMENDMENTS: HLA reserves the right to update and / or alter these Terms and Conditions at anytime, and shall post the amended Terms and Conditions on the HLA website.  Any such amendment shall take effect 5 days following their posting to the website. The latest Terms and Conditions as amended, may be accessed on the HLA website or will be sent via email to the Attendee upon their written request to HLA.An Attendee shall be deemed to have accepted any amendments to these Terms and Conditions on the date that is 5 days after their posting on the HLA website.  HLA recommendsthat all Attendee’s refer to the Terms & Conditions prior to their Program activity to familiar themselves with the most up to date version. 


I have carefully read and fully understand the content of the “Terms and Conditions” including those conditions regarding responsibility borne by HLA Attendees and conditions regarding cancellations and refunds.  I am aware, that this is an agreement between the parties and is legally binding and an enforceable contract between myself and HERIZEN™ Life Adventures International Inc., and I sign it of my own free will.

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Last Update: Dec 27, 2020


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