Yoga Testimonial

My time with Valma Shakti at the Clarananda Natural Living Retreat was a life-changing and eye-opening event. I came for a yoga teacher certification and I left not only with a teaching certificate but with a complete purification of my body and renewal in my vision for what I wanted out of my life. To not only properly digest my food but life in general, to have a higher level of awareness and clarity. Reminding me to love living everyday in the loveliness of life. This is what my time with Valma taught me. Valma had this amazing ability to stretch our limits and pull out the best in us that was already there. To teach us to lead and inspire those we teach in a positive and healthful way. She is a snake charmer, friend of all creatures, creator of amazing cuisine, inspirational teacher, adventurer, story teller and a divine human being. Some of my favorite things were singing good night to the sun and the moon as well as witnessing the transformation of my body going from “what did I sign up for?” after the first or second day; to I feel amazing and don’t want this feeling to end by the last day. The whole thing a truly remarkable experience and I’m so glad that I chose her to lead me through this part of my journey in life. With love and gratitude always

Tosha – WA, USA

Om Shanti🙏 I have been thinking about Clarananda and the conversation we had earlier about the Energetic Field…
After looking into a lot of info about YTT online, I decided to just follow my heart the spiritual calling so I went to Baja, Mexico for my YTT 200, just to follow my mentor’s path… she had her 1st YTT there 15 years ago. This is a self discovery journey to me with quite a few heartwarming moments. Asana practice by the wild Pacific coast along the exquisite white sand beaches is a pure bliss🎐 Love the aarti mantra chanting so much)))))))) to invoke the positive power anywhere…connecting with the sacred💓as well as kirtan every evening before we said goodnight to the Chandra Ma🌛
Thanks to Valma Ji, she has been like a Mom supportive with her knowledge to lead me through some very challenging moments.

A magnificent epic journey with an appreciation of the beautiful balance in having both downs and ups. 🕉🦋


Amily Wu

Valma Shakti is an amazing yoga teacher. She is well organized and expectations are clearly laid out. Her system of evaluation is rigorous and helps students to become the best yoga teacher that they can be. She is firm, yet flexible and gentle. This being said, I gravitated to HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women and did my 200 Hr and 300 Hr courses because of Valma’s energy. I had interviewed and looked into a great number of yoga schools, and HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women was the ideal fit for me. I recommend HERIZEN™ to any woman who is a seeker of the yogic path.

Cherylynn Bassani, BC, Canada

The HERIZEN Level 1 200 YTT was an amazing experience and far exceeded my expectations! It was a journey involving physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. Not only did i develop my yoga asana practice and grow the confidence in myself to be a safe and knowledgeable yoga teacher, but I also had a chance to grow my meditation practice, puja or daily practice of devotion, come to know a greater understanding of the Yogini way of life and philosophy alongside amazing women. The bond and connection with these amazing women grew as we learned, practiced and supported and nurturing one another as we developed our own style and understanding of Yoga path. Valma’s thorough and well thought-out program was delivered with love and compassion. Wonderful meals prepared with love and nutritional excellence to meet the needs of every individual and hours of asana, pranayama, mediation, devotion and evening discussions filled our time together. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience and recommend it to anyone serious about developing their understanding of the Yoga Path and becoming an excellent teacher. Blessings to you Valma. Namaste

Wendee Byrne

“I had no idea what to expect from the HERIZEN Level 1: 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for Women. What I experienced was a challenging, yet safe & supportive environment in which the beauty of nature surrounds. While it may have been one of the most intense 12 days of my life it was also the most rewarding. Valma Shakti is a most gracious host, as well as kind, positive and supportive yoga teacher who cares about her students, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The accommodations were clean and quite comfortable as well. I am leaving with the knowledge, confidence and competence to fulfil my goal of teaching yoga”

Alicia Pellegrin, CYT

“I can not imagine a more comprehensive and enjoyable Yoga Teacher Training / Certification Course. Valma Shakti is so full of abundant energy that she covered so much in a short time. The course is well organized and the “Big Dog – my mind” is kep busy most of the time. The two weeks were rich with all practical as well as spiritual throught and practice. I myself, realised significant digestive and assimilation improvement during the course. This helped me immensely. Valma’s Ayurvedic suggestions were very valuable. I plan to utlizie and incorporate many of the Yogic Lifestyle teachings I experienced during this training.” Namaste

Randy Berry

The HERIZEN Level 1: 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training / Ceritication & Self Mastery for Women with Valma Shakti was absolutely incredible. Valma is such a knowledgable, inspirational teacher who truly supports, nudges and encourages you to become the best version of yourself – in teaching Yoga and in life. The food, environment and energy was rejuvenating and nourishing for mind, body and sou. I am eternally grateful and forever changed.”

Renae Kaip, Radville, Saskatchewan, Canada

“I am forever grateful for this life changing experience of yoga into nature! Valma is leading with integrity and dedication, sharing her sea of knowledge with passion from the dept of her heart. The program is well built, allowing time for each of us to practice teaching almost everyday, with individual mentorship adapted to our needs. Surrounded by a team of positive Godesses, having a talented chef serving divine, nourishing meals been a true blessing! Valma has been showing up as a spiritual warrior, very ressourceful and focused, allowing for all of is to have fun, connect deeply, learn and complete with success!” NamastĂŠ

Karina Parent

During my Level 1: 200 Hr YTT training in Baja California Sur, Mexico with HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women, I have learned how to incorporate my love for Yoga and my beliefs into a lifestyle. I met amazing women that helped me expand my hunger for further knowledge. I learned how to relax more and addition ways in which I want to be a better person. Valma’s home at the Clarananda Natural Living Yoga & Meditation Center was beautiful and everything was taken care of. (Valma Shakti is amazing!) The Yoga Asana practice was wonderful. I deepened my practice and learned more about my body so I can teach my students more easily. The experience was unbelievable and the environment that Valma created allowed us to look deep into ourselves and get support from each other. The beauty and the changes will stay with me forever

Juliana – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Valma Shakti has a passion for all that she has to offer in the HERIZEN Level 1: 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Training. Her focus is much more about the growth of each individual through all aspects of Yoga. I was an individual who could not sit still to meditate but learned this here. She also introduced us to Ayurvedic practices and eating with delicious organic farm to talbe Vegan foods. Our group absolutely loved her Vegan muffins. I have returned home a much more calm individual with a better understanding of what the meaning of Yoga is and how I can offer this to my future students. Her introduction of “Clarimizing Tm” has helped me develop confidence in my pursuit for excellence in my competitive sports. Thank you. Namaste

Chris Huet – Ontario, Canada World Champion Athlete

“My experience completing the 200 hour level one Yoga Teacher Training at the Clarananda Natural Living Retreat was amazing. We were immersed in nature for the entire experience. Days in the desert were warm and the nights were cool with the moon glistening. I greatly appreciated and benefited from how Valma Shakti designs her Yoga Teacher Training. We had the opportunity to teach multiple times throughout which helped me to become more confident in myself. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I feel blessed to be one of her students. Not only is she a wonderful Yoga Teacher trainer, Valma is a magnificent chef. I will always remember eating our meals under the palapa. We learned all about Ayurvedic nutrition and how to maximize digestion/absorption according to our constitution. Thank you Valma! I would highly recommend staying at the Clarananda Natural Living Center t to aspiring Yoga Teachers and anyone wanting to experience “glamping” in the desert of Baja Sur, Mexico.

Julia Sherting – Washington, USA

“Valma is an amazing teacher and human being. She is so competent and knowledgeable. The YTT was a full yogic life experience and I have learned so much… more than what I was expecting. The vegan and Ayurvedic food was amazing and in two weeks, we’ve never had the same meal. I would recommend this training to everybody who wants to become a yoga teacher and/or whoever would like to increase his/her competencies, alignment in postures, understanding of Yoga and its entire entity. What a wonderful experience. It changed my life”

Melanie Roy – Quebec, Canada

What our grads say:

“This 200 Hr YTT with HERIZEN Tm Yoga for Women was an amazing experience, and, honestly, one of the best gifts I have every given myself. Valma is a gifted trainer and her depth of knowledge and passion for every aspect of Yoga is inspirational. The Yoga Asanas, reading materials, daily meditations, mantras and fresh delicious meals were chosen or created with great care and love. Her unique training style fully prepared me, and gave me the confidence to work within my own physical limitations and needs to teach Yoga. The knowledge, gifts and tools given to me during this training were invaluable, and I continue to use them in every aspect of my life every day.”

Nancy Lea, Alaska, USA

“My adventure to Northern India held everything I had dreamed of and more. Valma’s knowledge and deep acquaintance with India is truly amazing and enriching. I saw and experienced India with my heart and eyes wide open; the richness of colour, the flow of life, and immersion in the daily spirituality of the people. It is all seen and felt everywhere, whether in the busy street markets, beautiful temples, on the train, along the Ganges, or jostling traffic interspersed with wandering cows and rickshaws. Valma made sure that we experienced many aspects of India, which were in turn truly graced with her yoga sessions and knowledge as an ayurvedic healer. Her attention to detail and ability to balance each day’s agenda was remarkable. It was a privilege to meet those friends and families that Valma had established over her years in India and we were so welcomed by them. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience India alongside Valma, an unforgettable, and life changing journey with an authentic, life giving soul.”

Joanna MacKenzie

“The private training I did with Valma Brenton from HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women was intense and life-changing. While fully completing the requirements of the 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training, Valma was able to tailor the experience to my individual needs and unique situation. Her method of daily practice teaching and feedback was invaluable. She guided me deeper into all aspects of Yoga with ritual, meditation, physical challenge, philosophy, and self-reflection. Being one on one, I felt that Valma was entirely committed to my success and she inspired confidence in myself in every situation. Valma is a wonderful teacher and I highly recommend her for a personalized Yoga Teacher Training!”

Andrea Hunter, Toba Wildernest Lodge, BC, Canada

“If you are looking for a complete yogi experience, Herizen Yoga for Women is the place. It is a unique opportunity to live with nature and fully immerse yourself into a genuine yogi lifestyle! Valma’s program is all encompassing, and her approach to teaching helps everyone master the asanas and leave prepared to teach! The organic, vegetarian menu was outstanding! If you are considering training with Valma, do yourself a favor and take the plunge, it is worth it!!”

Dr. Kimberly Nelson

My experience during the 200 hour HERIZEN™ Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for Women with Valma Brenton in Baja, Mexico was life changing! Valma’s teachings are very authentic and true to Yogic Living. She offers thorough instruction of Yoga Asana sequencing, modifications and safety. The training goes above and beyond the scope of Yoga to incorporate Ayurveda principles, permaculture, daily rituals, mantra, chanting, being mindful, thinking positively, and living life “off the grid”

In addition, Clarananda is a very sacred and special place where I truly felt connected to nature with all the beautiful hummingbirds and cardinals. The food at Clarananda is sooo fresh, delicious, Ayurvedic and prepared with love and full of Prana. V alma’s Yoga School for Women offers much much more than a certificate…this program offers an authentic way to live a pure Yogic Life. Namaste.

Melissa Juhasz, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Valma Brenton from HERIZEN Yoga for Women is an incredibly knowledgeable practitioner of Yoga and Ayurveda. Her method allows for students to become confident in their teaching skills, as you start teaching from Day 1. I learned a lot about Yoga, Ayurveda, food combining and general positivity. This experience increased my understanding of and love for Yoga.

Stephanie Ackerman CYT – California, USA

Travelling through the exotic and fascinating country of India with Valma was a life changing and humbling experience! The entire trip was a deeply spiritual journey for me with new and exciting adventures unfolding each day! Valma led us through India with confidence, awareness, experience and incredible knowledge. It was truly an enlightening experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to deepen their own personal practices while experiencing the magnificence of this ancient country! Namaste!

Lois Kerr, Canada

“The Baja Yoga Teacher Training at Clarananda taught by Valma Brenton is truly an exceptional program. The practice of teaching powerful Yoga asanas was addressed in great detail. As well, Valma does an amazing job of incorporating all aspects of a yogic lifestyle into the program outline. There is also a large emphasis on Ayurvedic organic nutrition, permaculture, horticulture, learning to grow food and living mindfully with nature. To me, this was extra special and not easy to find in other programs that I looked at. I most certainly recommend the HERIZEN Yoga for Women Baja Yoga Teacher Training at Clarananda for anyone who is interested in all of this. It is a life changing experience. Namaste!

Brittany Webster, Canmore, Alberta, Canada

“The Baja Yoga Teacher Training and education I received at Clarananda from Valma Brenton was exceptional. It was such a wonderful experience. She taught me proper alignment, safety, modifications and variations of close to fifty Yoga Asanas. I learned an extensive amount of information about Yoga theory, anatomy, meditation, breathing techniques, chanting and mantras. I will take the knowledge that she taught me and use it throughout the rest of my Yoga career. I am very grateful to have been a student of Valma. Namaste!”

Em Gilmore

It is hard to put into words the impact the Spiritual India – Shakti Yoga Adventure has had – in a positive yet growth provoking way. Valma created an experience of India that was both diverse and contiually surprising – just when I thought I had seen everything something would rock my world. India’s culture runs deep and I found it fascinating, and Valma’s knowledge thoroughly enhanced my experience bringing many pieces together. If you have never been to India this trip is one I would recommend – safe yet adventureous!

Janice Briggs – Canada

“Valma Brenton is an amazing Goddess. My experience with Valma and the HERIZEN Yoga for Women Yoga Teacher Training / Certification and Self Mastery for Women was transformative, inspiring, empowering and full of powerful wisdom. Every woman should experience a journey into themselves, embracing their energy and feminine spirit. HERIZEN Yoga for Women was my journey and through that journey I found myself.

Angie Williamson – Wisconsin, USA

“I had a wonderful experience at the HERIZEN Van Isle Yoga Teacher Training / Certification & Self Mastery for Women at the Innisfree Farm. A lovely balance of challenge and reward. Valma is an amazing wealth of knowledge and has perfect intuition for timing and tender card of all the students. Fabulously fruitful!

Darlene Armantrout – Eugeon, Oregon, USA

Thank you again for giving me the skills and mostly the encouragement and confidence to put myself out there and go after what I want! I had such a joyous time at Clarananda; waking up to waves and roosters, feeling energized and alive with Jamie’s delicious food, and learning more than I thought possible in a short amount of time. Your guidance and support was filled with love, and I could really tell you want us to be happy, abundant and successful in our adventures. I hope to return to your sanctuary in the desert soon, and I will be recommending your courses to anyone that will listen!

Laura Mackinnon – Alberta, Canada

“I recently attended the HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training / Certification and Self Mastery with Valma Brenton in Baja, Mexico. The entire 2 weeks was a life enhancing experience, which contributed to my personal growth on all levels. Valma clearly models the principles of all aspects of Yoga. She is an inspiring, empowering and gifted teacher who graciously imparts her knowledge with passion and grace. Clarananda is a naturally beautiful, peaceful and safe environment to learn in. I returned home in possession of all of the tools required to be a confident, competent and successful Yoga teacher. I am grateful for this amazing experience and for the friendships developed with my fellow Goddess’s. Valma, I appreciate and value your ongoing support, wisdom and guidance, and would highly recommend HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women, to any woman that is ready to embark on this journey to self mastery!”

Lois Kerr, Kelowna, BC, Canada

“The HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women, Baja Yoga Teacher Training experience was one I will always remember. I learned a lot in the 12 and one half- day period. Valma Brenton is an excellent teacher and has a lot of knowledge to share with her students. The organic vegetarian food was delicious and healthy. Clarananda is a beautiful and very safe place to be. I already miss the beautiful sunsets and star filled skies. Thank you Valma for the great experience!”

Sara Brueckner – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women is sooo much more than a yoga teacher training…it was life changing. Valma is pure magic. She has an incredible gift of insight and her offerings are certain to manifest profound personal transformations amongst her students. I graduated from her course with a very clear vision for my path as a yoga teacher and have manifested much success within months….I now have the confidence and faith that I can create the world I choose to live in and with each day, am moving closer to my dreams. Thank you Valma, for your warmth, your wisdom and your ongoing support.

Michelle Gaudry, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

“I was a student of the Nov 2011 200-RYT training program at Clarananda in Baja, Mexico. My experience was definitely a “lifetime highlight.”

Valma Brenton was an amazing hostess, making us Yoga teacher hopefuls feel comfortable and pampered, even while working through our training
challenges in the natural desert environment near the ocean north of Todos Santos, MX. The accommodations were comfortable, and the food provided was spectacular! Jaimi prepared delicious, healthy, life-giving vegetarian fare that opened my “non-foodie” eyes to new goodness. Valma’s
supplemental Ayurvedic food counsel definitely enhanced a wonderful culinary experience.

I learned so much about all 8 of Patanjali’s limbs of Yoga that I feel I received a very well-rounded look at the different aspects of big-picture Yoga practice, history, and philosophy. Be prepared to move
beyond basic Yoga asana, or Hatha Yoga, a physical practice, and to be introduced to a wider world of Yoga. And be prepared to feel GREAT when you get home!!!

Thank you Valma, Jaimi and to my fellow Students. You all made this an experience of a lifetime! Namaste!”

Annette de Paz – Oregon, USA

Valma’s offering is SO MUCH MORE than Yoga teacher training. Valma taught very precise alignment, nurtured our confidence and shared everything we would need for teaching our own classes, and in addition, she transported us to India! We not only learned about the philosophy of the roots of the Yogic way, but we also included these accompanying practices into our daily rituals. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to eat in the Ayurvedic manner, Valma spared no expense and trouble in preparing any dish or tea:) Her enthusiasm to impart these principles helped me to not only experiment with my diet but to also stick with it. I came back not only a Yoga teacher, but someone with the tools to live a more balanced lifestyle – Thank you Valma!

Sherry Lavoie – Canada

“This was a true learning experience! I am now a confident, safe and detail-oriented Yoga instructor. This course was jam packed with information and emphasized the right forms of practicum: not only did we learn about Yoga Asana, Pranayama and many other fundamental aspects of Yoga, but we learned to be effective communicators. I am so grateful for this experience because I learned about myself and how I can best change the world.”

Jamie Mittleman – Massachusetts, USA

“Valma and the crew at Clarananda is a most positive experience. From the beautiful setting in the desert of Mexico, to the high energies of Clarananda and the value of the HERIZEN Yoga teachings. I will be forever grateful to the beautiful Goddesses that enhanced my experience, to the incredible cuisine that was served on a daily basis, to the teachings of our positive, lovely Yoga teacher Valma Brenton. I feel so fortunate for choosing and attaining this Baja Yoga Teacher Training. If you have the opportunity to go here, you owe it to yourself to make it happen.”

Deb Collins-Quinn – Seattle, USA

“The HERIZEN Baja Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico was a wonderful experience. The energy at Clarananda was extremely positive and nurturing and the feelings of support and encouragement I felt there were truly amazing. Valma was great at keeping us on task and making sure that all of us were successful and happy. I learned so much about different aspects of Yoga, communication, nutrition and confidence building techniques that I can bring into my life. The food was fantastic, the setting was beautiful and I was able to meet some amazing women. It is an experience that I will always remember.”

Roxanne Baird – Medicine Hat, Alberta

“The HERIZEN Baja Yoga Teacher Training was transformational for me mentally, physically and emotionally. Valma Brenton is a careful thorough Yoga teacher and motivator who recognizes the unique gifts of each of her students, nurtures them and allows them to blossom into their own style of teaching. I feel well prepared after this intense training to share a safe, positive Yoga practice with my students and beyond.”

Mary Burrguss – Virgina USA

“One of the very best investments I have ever made in myself. The HERIZEN™ Yoga Teacher training and self-mastery for women was even better than I could ever have imagined. From magical early morning meditation and sun salutation to singing/ chanting the sun down over the Pacific western glow, every moment was full of life and learning in the beautiful natural surroundings of the desert. I am teaching Yoga already, just a week after graduation, and feel more confidence and joy in my heart from this amazing experience. I whole heartedly recommend HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women for anyone seeking deeper self awareness and first class skills in the art of Yoga.”

Jana Gayle – Ontario, Canada

“The HERIZEN Baja Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico has truly been a life altering experience for me. From learning how to properly teach Yoga Asanas, to nutrition, to self confidence, to clarimizing, to learning about deliberate intent, I feel I am bringing so much back to my life, profesisonally AND personally. I can’t wait to incorporate everything I have learned with this training into all aspects of my life! Not to mention how proud I am of myself for coming home with my 200 Hr Yoga Teacher Certificate!”

Rhiannon Cosgrave – Parksville, Canada Founder /Owner Synergy Day Spa

“Valma Brenton is a great Yoga teacher. She takes into consideration her students’ individual learning styles and needs and adapts her Van Isle Yoga Teacher Training program as she needs to. It is very evident that she wants to see all of her students succeed. She gets her students through the intensive program by keeping them focused, but also knowing when to change gears, allow for break, or get them laughing. Even after the program has ended, she continues to encourage and inspire through emails and she shows genuine concern for her former students’ wellbeing and ambitions.”

Amy Villneff -Alberta, Canada

“Although I had moments of reservations about the Van Isle Yoga Teacher Training due to what I perceived as possible physical limitations, Valma’s teaching created a space where my body could remember it’s prior flexibility and strength and my confidence was returned very quickly. Valma has a wonderful way of blending the Yoga of the now and of the ancients in a way where all can benefit and all beliefs and practices are shown as valid which was of enormous benefit to me. Thus she created a safe and sacred place where individuality can be expressed and actualized while having the strength to keep the class on task and developing within the timeline of the course. Valma Brenton is a wonderful teacher who’s focus on quality, safety and personal mastery will be of enormous benefit to any future teachers of the Yoga practice! Thank you Valma”

Tara Christensen – Owner / The New Moon Mytaphysical Store, Errington, BC, Canada

“The setting at Clarananda is beautiful and being in nature is a special experience. The Baja Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training program has been challenging and rewarding. The intensity of learning yoga was nicely balanced with personal growth time. I have gained so much more knowledge of yoga and all it’s related branches.”

Beatrice Winny – Ontario, Canada

“The Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation practices at the Baja Yoga Teacher Training for Women are delightful, intense and life changing. A tremendously valuable experience. For those on the path to self discovery or personal growth you have come to the right place. Clarananda is truly a remarkable setting and the food is amazing!”

Tracy Ernst – Calgary, Alberta

“I came to this Vancouver Island YTT Yoga camp to acheive my 200 Hr Certification and I am very pleased that the curriculum enabled me to do this. Valma Brenton has many skills as a teacher that enable her to connect with students on an individual level which encourages them to excel and succeed. I am appreciative for this opportunity and grateful for the chance to bring Yoga into other peoples lives.”

Lyn Henderson – Ontario

“Valma Brenton is an amazing Yoga teacher and afternoon Puja with Joanne has been an exceptional experience. Overall my, HERIZEN™ Vancouver Island Yoga Teacher Training program is one of the best trainings I have ever attended.”

Celeste Bradley – New York, USA

“I came to this Vancouver Island YTT Yoga camp training, not really knowing if I would be able to keep up, or if I would be at the required level of fitness. Upon my arrival I was relieved to find that Valma Brenton had a way of making us all feel welcome and taught me to respect myself, my body and to accept me for where I am right now. Throughout the Yoga Teacher training I noticed vast improvements in my practice and I feel that I have learned everything I need to go out into the world and share my love of Yoga with others. A great experience!”

Alison Elliott-Beierlein

“I highly recommend HERIZEN™ Yoga for Women for their diligence, professionalism, willingness to please, and enthusiasm. The Baja Yoga Teacher Training was of excellent value and provided me with a positive life changing experience. My confidence, knowledge of Yoga, nutrition and happiness has been raised to a higher vibration. It was a loving, caring, and encouraging environment which facilitated growth and development. I look forward to more of what HERIZEN™ and Valma have to offer, and would recommend them highly. I look forward to teaching and applying my new skills to all aspects of my life.”

Sheena Adams – British Columbia, Canada

“Para mi una experiencia sensacional, mucho mas de lo que esperaba. 11 dias de aprendiaje integral: yoga, anotomia, psicologia, nutricion y mucho mas, excelente ambiente, comida deliciosa; el lugar paradisiaco y tranquilo para la ocasion.

Estoy lista para el promixo!!!! Namaste”

Mayra I. Torres Torano – Baja, Mexico

“I have grown so much during the HERIZEN™ Baja Yoga Teacher Training. I felt so alive and connected to the world around me. The atmosphere was peaceful and tranquil with some of nature’s best surroundings. Each day was filled with laughter, fun and learning. I am so grateful to have had the experience I did with some of the best teachers and friends.”

Christine Chever – Lancaster, Pennsylvania

“In December 2006, I attended the HERIZEN™ Baja Yoga Teacher Training for Women in Mexico. The YTT Yoga program has led me to a new awareness of myself. I was delighted to have such a wonderful group of women with which to learn and share. The energy created was about sharing, recognizing, saluting and encompassing what shines beneath. I have come away from this program with a wealth of knowledge not only concerning Ashtanga Yoga, but also blending lifestyle choices and spiritual practices that have enhanced my overall health. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of this circle of wellness.”

Jen Etty – Duncan, BC, Canada

“I couldn’t have found a better location to become a certified Yoga Teacher than in Baja Mexico. All of the HERIZEN Baja Yoga Teacher Training instructors are amazing and extremely inspiring. The unconditional support, guidance, cares, and love from everyone has made this a life changing experience. My body and soul have been enlightened tremendously.”

“Inspiring, motivating, powerful, spiritual and supportive, Valma Brenton is a true Goddess. She has exceptional dedication and energy and is one of the few people who can truly demonstrate how one can create wonders in every situation.”

Vivien Leung – Japan


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