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Capt Valma Brenton is the owner of the website  and She inspires and empowers women through her sailing for women seminars and training programs.  For over 42 years, boating, sailing and self-awareness training have been a major part of Valma’s life. During this time, her work and personal adventures on the oceans of the world have allowed her to see herself in an entirely new light.

Since 1979, Valma has sailed the British Columbia West Coast, Hawaii, British & US Virgin Islands, French West Indies, French Polynesia, Mexico, Belize, Thailand, Malaysia, Bahamas, Cuba, Greece and US east coast on boats ranging in length from 20 to 60 feet. In addition, she has captained and crewed on 20 to 110 foot scuba dive charter and commercial fishing vessels.

Valma maintains a Fishing Master IV International Captain’s licence and has completed the CSC 2 60 ton Small Craft Masters Training. She is a certified International Occupational Scuba Diver and holds PADI Open Water, Advanced and Rescue Diver Certifications since 1985.

Sail training includes Sail Canada Basic Cruising, Intermediate, Advanced and Coastal Navigation Standards as well as the Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) Pleasure Craft Operators Card.  In addition, she is a qualified Sail Canada Basic Crew & Cruising Day Skipper Instructor, Sail Canada Intermediate Crew and Cruising Bareboat Skipper Instructor and Sail Canada Advanced Crew and Cruising Coastal Skipper also qualified to instruct and exam clients for the CCG Pleasure Craft Operators Card. In addition Valma has been chartering both sailing sloops and cataramans all around the world – thus she has the knowledge to share with you.

Valma has trained as a certified kayak leader and overnight guide. She holds First Aid, CPR and ROC-MC (comercial) and Operator’s Restricted with DCS endorsement (pleasure craft radio communication certifications).

On the self-awareness side of her life, Valma has studied a wide range of holistic healing arts and as a Certified CEM therapist inspires others and herself through a process called Consilence Energy Mangement (CEM) or Energy Mirrors formerly Consegrity.  This is a natural Well-Being process that works with the electromagnetic and vibrational systems of the body by reflecting / mirroring in a way that supports clearing at the level of cause.  

Personal Passions:  Valma is very creative and enjoys being and living in nature. She creates beautiful garden designs using natural products and local plants.  As well, she loves to paint mandalas, sacred art yantra using a number of unique methods and styles.  Watercolour, gauche and natural paints are the medium used.  In addition, Valma has been acting in a number of local theatre productions in her home town of Todos Santos, Baja and enjoys singing both with guitar and vocal.  Valma has recently designed a new sailing program called Sail, Stretch & Create which includes sailing, yoga and painting.  Watch for other new creative programs coming soon.

Valma’s personal mission is to travel and create an enlightened world by spreading the light of Consciousness. One way in which she empowers herself to raise her own level of Consciousness, stay focused, healthy and present in her physical body is through Ayurveda, Qigong and Yoga including Meditation, Mantra and Pranayama techniques. These practices create a bridge between the body the mind and the spirit. She believes they will also play an important role in the global awakening. Certified / Registered as an Ayurveda Practitioner, Ayurvedic Health Educator and in Qigong (Cloudy Satchel form), E-RYT 500 (Experienced Yoga Teacher) in Iyengar & Ashtanga influenced Hatha Yoga, traditional Hatha, Iyengar precision & Ashtanga Hatha Yoga and Qi Yoga flow are practices that Valma incorporates in her daily life as well as all sailing for women sail training and women sailing adventure programs. She believes Qigong and Yoga movement gets people into their bodies, deeply connects them to themselves, and more openly connects them with nature and others. It is a transformational practice, which encourages natural Well-Being and vitality. In addition, Valma trained for 6 years in India with her teacher Dr. Ramesh Rastogi in the subject of palmistry and astrology.  She utlizes these unique sciences with all her programs.

Valma is a graduate of  Context Associated Training,  Peak Potentials Training and Mastery of Self Expression programs. She also holds certification in Spiritual Iridology, Train the Trainer Certification, Animal Communication, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Ayurveda Counceling, Cooking / Personal Lifestyle Coaching, Permaculture Design, is trained in Law of Attraction and is a Registered / Certified Ayurveda Health Educator, Registered Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, Astro Palmistry as well as a host of other interesting and profound personal growth processes. She is a wealth of knowledge and is passionate about inspiring women to celebrate joy, health, happiness and vitality in every moment of their BEING.

Her experience teaching self-awareness programs such as; in the moment music, meditation, Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”), Yoga, Ayurveda, success, business & life coaching for women, sailing & self-awareness seminars and survival first aid for boaters, fisherman and loggers, has helped Valma to develop an acute awareness of what women need to build confidence, self esteem and competence in the traditionally male-oriented world of sailing.

Valma has a varied business background with experience as a business owner, entrepreneur and developer of advanced environmentally friendly technology for the global fisheries/aquaculture industry. Her business experience has taken her across Canada – British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia, through the USA and internationally into Tasmania, Curacao, Scotland, Chile, Mexico and French Polynesia. Valma has participated in business startups/development, and has held positions at the Board level, management, operational, sales & marketing and research levels.

She is a successful author and photojournalist, specializing in boating, sailing, fisheries and aquaculture related subjects. In addition, Valma has published numerous research publications that have appeared in scientific journals and government scientific updates. Other feature articles and photography has been published/displayed in magazines, newspapers, books and art galleries. West Coast Fisherman, Northern Aquaculture, “Working the Tides” A Potrait of Canada’s West Coast Fishing Industry and Pacific Aquaculture. She was featured in “Salt Water Women at Work ” by Vickie Jensen and recently co published a book “Thumb- The Symbol of Personality”

Valma’s personal experience as a woman in nontraditional roles both on the water, in the forest and in the business world has provided her with the insight, inner strength, confidence and self-esteem to believe that she CAN manifest, create and achieve anything. All things are possible now!.

“My purpose,” says Valma with passion, “Is to be a mirror for other women, to inspire them to feel joy, health, happiness, and vitality in every moment of their BEING. To share my knowledge of the difference between male and female realities and the needs of women sailing. To inspire them to create miracles in their lives and be open to the present moment… creating balance through awareness, self-confidence, intention and faith. I invite you to celebrate personal success and natural Well-Being through awareness, sailing and nature. Join me on a journey of freedom, magical adventure – let your Spirit fly.”

Sail with me and expand your experience to include Yoga & painting on the boat

Yoga on the beach……

Imagine, nurture and live your dream today



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